Category: Doing Sex Work

Attitudes towards sex work

Will society in general ever change its views on sex work? We’re still a society that has some puritanical views. There has never been a time in human history where we haven’t had sex work. So we have had an awful lot of time to...

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Sex Work Humour

Sex work humour! Fucking is just that; fucking Making love is an art I made handcuffs from my broken halo..... ....wanna play? if ur wife doesn’t wanna bang u why would i In the words of my Nan "try everything twice, except...

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69 Great Things About Sex Work

It’s funIt’s rewardingI’m never boredI meet so many interesting peopleI love making people happyMost clients are really niceI’m never skint any moreI love the confidence it gives meI love the independace...

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