Tips and tricks to turn you into a sex worker guru!

Finding a partner as a sex worker

Hey! Just so you know tinder usually turns very sexual, very quickly, you can try saying what you want and that you want people open-minded that don't slut-shame, that respect sex workers and dancers and they might understand when they swipe on you and you can then specify 🙂

Good luck there are some people for sure who won't care, SW have lives and families
There are guys out there who will not mind your profession. I have dated current and past sex workers and once you realize it is just business it ceases to matter much. It can be applauded to attempt to communicate things upfront but having that knowledge at the beginning is definitely going to get you a lot of bad experiences. If you can look at things a different way and instead of thinking "ugh...another asshole" or " here we go again" and try to think about how useful it is to know upfront what kind of person they are, it might start to be a bit of a blessing. You get to skip all those ones who wouldn't work out without getting attached to them at all.

I definitely suggest you look into your local kink community as sometimes they will be more open to sex work. ... but not always. People are people and some of them just suck.
My wife is poly, actually my kink for her to see other guys, anyway... Guys assume that just because she is married and wanting to see other people that she's just trying to suck and fuck 24/7. She had to delete tinder because of all the assuming jerks.

Have you tried a different dating app? Ok Cupid has worked for her, a lot more people are on there are looking for relationships rather than just fuck buddies.
You'll find someone who is comfortable with it. Just be patient.
I’d leave it out of the bio but disclose it in your first convos when it comes up in casual conversation (“what do you do?”). I’ve never done full-service work but I danced for many years and was always honest about it to weed people out. Putting it in your profile may make people think you are there for promo or work rather than to make connections. But I promise there are plenty of open-minded people out there!
Sex worker here - Personally I wouldn't advertise it on your profile. You will likely get all the horny pervs harassing you with messages assuming you are there to give it out to them for free.

My go to ap was Tinder. I never mentioned the SW until after talking to someone. If it bothered them peace out before we meet up.

My current partner is supportive & others had been to. Primarily I just do online stuff (camming, selling panties, findom) but was an escort in the past as well
Sex outside the relationship isn't always cheating. Cheating is typically considered when it isn't known about and consensual with both parties in the relationship. Plenty of people are in open relationships or swing.
You don't have to reveal everything upfront, though I personally believe in totally honest and back when I was doing online dating I'd soon get onto revealing my less attractive life choices.

But if I'd placed "screwing a married woman, repeated infidelities" on my profile, I'm sure most women would've swiped left in a heartbeat. Not quite the same, but it's a balance thing. Just don't wait till the 5th date.
The majority of people looking for a relationship are looking for a monogamous relationship and your career is to sell the most intimate part of a relationship to strangers. No hate for what you do, do what you love and you'll never work a day in you're life, but this is probably going to continue to be a difficult accomplishment as long as you're doing SW.

Taking that info off of your dating profiles might get your foot in the door easier, but that seems kinda like a trap to me that gets sprung after the dating has already started. May even create questions of honesty. It may be tough, but I hope you find someone who is right for you and loves you for you!
"Sex Worker" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, Anything from a Fans Only page to full-on prostitution. So without knowing exactly what you do it's hard to give you specific advice.

All I can say is that I have dated Exotic dancers twice in my life and it does take a whole different level of communication to make it work. On line, you are probably running into two extremes. On one side you have the frustrated inexperienced people that see what they think is an easy lay and on the other end of the spectrum you have the people who have an issue with anyone working in the sex industry. These two types are both insecure and will not make for a good match for anyone working in the industry.

You will find that you have better connections in real-life encounters.

I would not follow the advice of hiding what you do, that will only result in a lot of wasted time. You will find that a lot of people are too insecure to date someone in the trade. Hiding what you do will only aid in promoting the negative opinions out there.
Maybe not mention that your a SW in you dating profile but state that you're interested in a poly relationship. That might attract people who would be more open to dating a SW.
Tinder is the general public, and most in the general public won't want to date a sex worker. Your success on that app will always be low. So set your expectations accordingly.

What about getting off of apps? Especially if you live in a large city, there are likely to be large communities of sex-positive people where you can find people more likely to be open to you.

Swinger's communities, BDSM communities, etc. I hear you can find meetups for this of fetlife and use that as a way to get into your local scene. I assume that's where you're most likely to find someone who's cool with what you do.
Keep in mind that even "normal" girls struggle to get non-creepy men out of the way as it is so you are only gonna have it tougher. Maybe you join poly/sex worker clubs for example, you may have more luck there? End of the day you do want someone to accept you for who you are right?
In you bio include that you're looking for an emotional relationship/partner? I would hate to fall for someone and then find that they used to do SW. Honesty and truth is best policy. It would only hurt more.