Sex work humour!

Fucking is just that; fucking
Making love is an art
I made handcuffs from my broken halo.....

....wanna play?
if ur wife doesn’t wanna bang u why would i
In the words of my Nan "try everything twice, except anal"
I choose my porn the same way I order at a restaurant, nothing I’d get at home.
I may have fallen from grace but it's more fun down here.
For an extra $100 I will fuck you with the lights strobed.
If your wife doesn’t wanna bang you why would I
Who called them titty pics and not peek a boobs
If he calls them tittays, he doesn’t know what to do with them.
Now that’s a lamp!
It’s only a wifi hotspot if I’m near it
Let’s watch horror movies and make our own porn.
Nothing puts a spring in my step like a freshly trimmed bush.